Tongxin is an integrated producing, study, and research high-tech company which co-invested by Xi’an University Of Technology. It’s national base of “The technology of continuous cast iron research and popularized centre”. In 2006, Tongxin innovated the advanced technology of "Vertical Upward Continuous Casting", which lead to produce continuous cast iron hollow bar, filled the blank market worldwide. Now Tongxin is a leading manufacturer of continuous cast iron include solid bar and hollow bar.

Meantime, it can supply rough machined and semi-finished cast iron components, such as cylinder liner,piston ring,hydraulic cylinder head etc.

Since 2016, the application of material has been used in ADI (austempered ductile iron) parts, such as harmonic reducer circular spline, RV redurcer gear, bearing cage,which gained high evaluation for its' superb wear resistance, self-lubricated and vibration absorption

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